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We are sorry to announce that during the last 10 days, the following Alumni have been reported deceased.

ANDERSON, Judith K,'53
GRENE, Mike,'67
MALONE, W Haynes,'49
RICHARDSON, Howard F,'39
SWANSON, Gloria M,'47
TOKOPH, David P,'69
WILLE, Donna G,'52
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Upcoming Reunions

Class of '63 Reunion

September 28-30, 2018

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The Following Alumni have updated within the past 20 days

AGUILAR, Jacqueline,'98
BARTELSEN, Scott,'68
BASATNEH, Alaa,'2010
BERNSTEIN, Scott,'83
ELLIOTT, Donald E,'55
GOLBACH, Nancy,'71
GRESHIW, Georgann,'68
GROSS, Edward E,'59
HIGGINS, Neil,'2003
KASPER, Steven,'70
KIMURA, Greg,'83
LEVINE, Diane,'68
LINER, Lenora G,'63
MILOS, Edward C.,'68
NORMAN, Barbara,'72
O'MALLEY, Brendan E,'86
O'MALLEY, Jennifer A,'82
O'MALLEY, Meghan N,'88
PATTERSON, Charlene,'68
PERRILL, Stephen A,'59
PILGRIM, John,'61
RATHBUN, Harold,'68
RUFFALO, Frank,'68
SCHUBERT, David,'70
SCHWAB, Joanne L,'57
STREHLAU, Mary Jo,'63
SVOBODA, Don,'68
VASTO, Nancy G,'68
VODICKA, Art,'68
WALKIS, Kristine J,'62
WELTER, Jacqueline R.,'68
WROBLASKI, Alan W.,'68
ZIRVES, Caryn,'68